Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Non-Valentine Gift

     I am so thankful for the way things changed today.  This morning, I woke up still burdened from the previous days' worth of woes.  This evening, I am pleasantly refreshed, encouraged, and provoked unto love and good works!
     Of course, I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for changing my attitude.  I especially thank Him for using my darling Dear to minister unto me.  Never have I found another soul on this earth who so cares for my soul.  Dear is above all my best friend.
     I can say he is my best friend for a multitude of reasons.  He ministers unto me the Word of God, ensuring that I take not his word for it, but look through Scripture to verify it for myself.  He is not so proud or arrogant to not allow me to question his answer(s); but, graciously allows me to search the Word for myself, and bring any question(s) I might have to him, to learn together.  He is a wonderful teacher.
     I find myself always going to him to learn God's Word.  Whether there is a question from my private studies, a question or series of questions based on something I have learned from others, or whatever the reason, he willingly takes the time to listen, seek God through His Word, and come to an answer.
     I feel so blessed because of him.  Many days and nights are filled with discussions upon the Word of God, doctrines, etc.  Since we do not have cable, and have a small selection of things which to view on our t.v. set, we read and talk much.  I truly believe much of our growth, together, has come from these times.
     It really is such a delight.  I cannot imagine a life without all these Biblical discussions.  They are so invigorating, challenging (unto holiness), humbling, enlightening, enlivening, and more!  Every day something about God and/or His Word is discussed, and every day it is more than meat to the body!
     So, while I was searching for answers to my woes, God saw fit to cause Dear to instigate a conversation with me.  I cannot describe to you the happiness and relief to have him do so!  Being able to bear my soul, and being willing to hear whatever the answers/solutions would be (for I know, all too often, my perspective is skewed), and being willing to conform as Christ wants me to conform, made all the difference for me tonight!  I am thankful that my husband is such a great minister unto my soul.
     This post is not in honour of Valentine's Day.  As much as the hubbub around it is, we do not partake in it.  As we said today, we love each other fully every day, not just when the world tells us to do so.  ;)  This post, however, is in honour of Christ, and the man He has directly placed in charge of me, Dear.  I thank Christ for always ministering unto me, and lovingly using my precious husband to manifest His love for me to me.
     I wish I could describe the love I have for Dear to you all.  I cannot begin to tell of it.  Time truly escapes me, as do words.  To think that God has given me such a gift, and manifests His own love to me through the blessings of my marriage, confounds my mind.  I have such a difficult time realizing just how much the Lord thinks of me, yet, when I see Dear, my heart melts.
     All that is within me desires to give even more to Christ.  All that is within me desires to give all I am to Dear. My ministry on this earth is Dear, first and foremost.  There is singleness of mind for me in this regard.  If I fail in loving him, I fail functioning as the good Lord created me to function.  When I view being a wife, a help meet, I see that role as the ultimate calling from the Lord on my life.  I must give my all to Christ, and give my all to Dear.  The two are inseparable.
     I am so glad that the Lord righted my perspective today!  Starting with a "woe is me" pity party, and being able to end with a marvel at the love of Christ, love from/for Dear, and a desire to give all to both men of my life...What a miracle!


  1. I love this, I could have written this myself.Your life sounds much like my own. Dear Husband and I enjoy each night reading God's word sometimes for hours. I would never trade this for ant TV,music or other form of entertainment. We also do not celebrate our love one day of the year, but choose to celebrate each day. The greatest love being God's great love to usward. I want to sit under my husbands authority.I desire that. Thank-you for this most inspiring posting. Dawn E. Brown

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! I'm glad that there are other folks like us out there. :) Thank you, too, for finding me over here in the "blogosphere!"


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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