Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Have Found...

...That I have been pondering the reasons for my writer's block.  It is not due to lack of activity or thought; just, no big "urge" to write.  I sometimes feel that if I am not writing every day like almost all the other bloggers out there, then I am missing out on the "game."

    Since Dear is possibly going into the Reserves, I am trying to enjoy all my time with him before he is scheduled to go to boot camp.  I am wanting to make sure he has wonderful memories of home to keep him company while he is away.  I also would appreciate those memories.  :)
     I find myself desiring home more and more.  I only wish to be out of the homestead while Dear is away; once he is home, I want to be with him.  If it means we are running errands together, so be it.  If we are tucked away in our little home in the world, so be it.  Just so long as we are together.
     Being with him, being in our home, are my favorite destinations.  I do not desire to go do anything "girly" these days.  If I do so, occasionally, it is alone.  Anything else I want to have him with me.  He is my favorite person.
     So, I find that I am becoming more and more domesticated as the days progress.  I know that if and when he goes, I may be out and about, but I sure hope not.  I hope that I can enjoy the peace of home, the luxury of books, the joy of music, and the like.  I will attend church services, maybe go out with friends/family at times; but, my joy is my life here with Dear that He has given me.  I cherish it!
     As far as other pleasures, I have also found myself doing more reading.  I just finished a biography of June Carter Cash.  I am intrigued about various people, and she was one of them.  I learned a lot about her I did not know, and got a better understanding of what many folks down in that area of the nation consider "faith."  I am now reading another book, I Am Hutterite, which is an autobiography.  This latest book is so well-written; I hope this author has other books, for she has captivated me!
     I am enjoying the reading passion that for so long was on a shelf in my life.  I find myself engulfing books now.  I have one to pick up at the library, and one to return to them.  I have not finished the book I must return, Joyfully At Home, but since it needs returning, I will check it out and finish it another day.  The book I am picking up is the Duggar's book, A Love That Multiplies.  Since I thoroughly enjoyed their first book, I am sure I will enjoy this one, too!
     After all these are finished, I plan on reading a biography on the life of David Brainerd.  He was a young missionary to the Native Americans during the colonial days.  I have been intrigued by his testimony, and look forward to reading that book.  After that one, I plan on reserving Of Plymouth Plantation, written by William Bradford, the colonial governor of Plymouth.
     There are many more books of which I could list that are on my mental shelf, but time fails me.  As you can see, my time is currently consumed in reading, not writing.  That is okay, though.  I am sure there will be plenty to write about as time progresses.  :)


  1. I find myself with writer's block a lot too. I have to force myself not to write, just to write. I want to write because the Lord is giving me something to say. :) It is nice to hear that you will keep busy while your Dear is away. I did not realize he was joining the Reserves... if only we we're neighbors :) <3

  2. I'm glad that I'm not alone! And yes, Dear's going to probably enlist w/the Reserves: a long story, but one always worth telling. It would be nice if we lived close by. If he joins, he may go to S.C. for boot camp. That's close to GA, right? ;)

  3. It's better to write with purpose than only to stay in the game and update your blog. I'd rather read thoughtful yet infrequent posts rather than quick daily updates. Your writings always come from the heart and make your blog such a warm place. :)

  4. Thank you, Monica. I feel the same about your writings. :)


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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