Friday, September 18, 2009

God's Creation

     I am simply overwhelmed by the complexity of God's creation.  Since attending the sermons delivered by creation scientist Dr. Pat Briney, I have come to fear God even more.  There are many facets to creation, but to realize just a smidgen of the biology and mathematics behind some of it, is staggering to the human mind.  What a magnificent, awesome, wonderful God is He!
     Through these presentations, I have been left realizing that I do not fully appreciate Christ.  He deserves much more love and devotion than I have been giving Him.  My heart repents of that neglect to my Saviour, and prays that He will help me love Him more.
     If ever any of you get a chance to hear him deliver a message, take the opportunity.  He presents creation science in a clear, humble, matter-of-fact way.  He does not attack the evolutionists, but rather delivers the evidence in science that point to the validity of the creation model.  It would be well worth it to listen to him.

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