Monday, March 21, 2016

Molding Into A Mama: Part 7

     After checking my progression, the midwives kept a scrupulous eye upon my bathroom visits!  I was so much in my own mind at the time, that I did not comprehend why.  Of course, I later realized that they did not want me delivering on the toilet!

     I was informed of what to expect to feel, regarding pushing sensations.  They never came.  Oh, and I was getting so sleepy!  My legs were getting wobbly, too.  All I wanted to do was climb into that big, luscious bed, and doze.  My birth team wanted to keep me going, to have that baby!

     Finally, Dear sought with my main midwife for help.  He was desperately concerned with my exhaustion, wanting to alleviate it somehow.  She came into the room, asking if I wanted her to break my waters.  I readily agreed.  Anything was better at this point, to alleviate the monotony of walking between contractions, and then standing with one foot on a stool while bearing down at an angle, with the contractions.

     She had me stand, then bear down, to assist in breaking those waters.  Before I knew it, a pressure like none other I had experienced, came.  Immediately, she knew he was coming!  Still, I was oblivious.  I thought, when she told me to bear down (like I had to use the bathroom), that I was simply encouraging my son to get into position to where I could start pushing... Nope.  I was pushing!

     In the squatting position, with Dear behind me for support, I awaited that next sensation.  When it came, I roared!  (Dear described it as "yelling," but, my Amazonian moment would be diminished in my mind if it were not "roaring.")  My midwife reminded me to pour that energy into pushing.  Listening to her, I pushed with all my might, bearing down on the foot of the bed with my hand, keeping me upright.

     I remember her saying I was crowning.  My, what excitement!  With that next contraction, I pushed with the same amount of fervor.  There, in her hands, was my son!  It took a total of seventeen minutes of pushing!  (Later, we realized he had not come sooner, because he was slightly at an angle.)

     Immediately, she handed him to me, and got me walking over to the side of the bed.  Li'l Man and I finally arrived to that pillowed haven of rest.  The joy and awe that overcame me was, and still is, indescribable.

     Dear rushed over to us, from the other side.  The midwives got busy cleaning us.   I was more than happy to let them. He was here, in my arms, looking up at me! 

     I felt a warm rush, and figured he anointed me with his first workings of his bladder.  When the ladies removed the blankets, though, it was evident that he blessed me with another substance...

     ... Who cared, thoughI surely did not!  I was in mommy bliss!

     Being so early in the morning, they cleaned us up, dimmed the lights, and left the room (after waiting nearly an hour for my placenta's birth).  Dear, Li'l Man, and I were able to cuddle and snooze.  I know I snored, and loudly, too.  I even woke myself up from it; but, I did not care.  I had my family. 

     A bit later, they came in to do more work.  They checked us both out.  Other than a slight, superficial tear that my midwife easily repaired, the only issue she saw was my son's tongue tie.  Dear was able to weigh him, with the happiest of grins. 

     Making sure we were all informed of what to do, post-natally, we were then prepared to go home.  My doula had left, just a couple hours before; getting home for a quick nap and shower, before heading off for her day job.  Still fueled with mommy bliss, I was excited to take our family home.

     We informed my mother of our impending arrival.  She got busy making breakfast, of which the aroma was a great welcome upon entering the house.  I was immediately ushered to bed, alongside my precious boy.

     Mamaw was the first family member, after Papa and Mama, to hold our son.  She was so delighted, too!  He was the first grandchild for which she was able to be available for their birth.  Such a gift for her.

     First pictures sent, news sent out, and we three were on our way to getting some much needed rest.  Mommy bliss was wearing off, and sleep was a welcome friend.  The next days, and weeks, would be full of great joy, as well as great grief...

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