Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PART 2: W.o.W. Wednesday--"Witchcraft And The Spirit Of The New Age Movement, Pastor Charles Lawson"

     Continuing from Monday's post, I am sharing a video that, really, upon which cannot be added.  I cannot strongly urge you enough; to take the forty-five minutes and fourteen seconds, that is the entirety of the message, and listen to every whit of it.  With all that has been happening as of late, (Charlie-Charlie; youth killing youth/adults/parents; professionally documented devilish activity; morality and sound reason going down the drain; etc.), taking less than one hour to listen to sound Bible teaching on our current state of affairs, is the very least one can do to be better prepared and aware.

**Missed part one of this series?  Click on the link below!**

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