Friday, June 19, 2015

Husband's First Father's Day

     He comes home, and is filthy.  Not just a little filthy; but, a LOT filthy.  Before he takes off his cap, you would think he had become ten shades darker.  Then, you see where his cap protected part of his forehead, which shows quite a stark contrast to the rest of his exposed face.
     His arms and hands look the same.  You can see that he is getting quite a nice tan, thanks to good DNA. :-)  Yet, before you see the tan, you see the filth.  And, when you glance back at his face, you see a gleaming row of white teeth:  showing from that irresistible smile, that always captivates your heart.
     The clothes... Oh, my.  That is not water that drenches them.  The blue jeans used to be a solid denim blue, too.  Now, they are transforming into a darker shade, mixed with lighter shades (where they are getting worn), than what you remember seeing them as, when first purchased.  Oh, and the holes.  Well, people actually pay lots of money, to get the look that he earns naturally.

Ahh, married to a hardworking, God-fearing man.  Not just any man, though.  My man.  The father of our baby.

     My son will never have to doubt his father's love.  He will know that his daddy works hard, because he loves his God, and his family.  He will know that his daddy sees his work as a labor of love.
     He will never have to wonder if his father delights in him.  He will feel safe in his daddy's embrace.  He may want out of it from time to time, (especially if they are "wrastling"); but, he will never fear harm from it.
     He will delight in seeing daddy come home.  Daddy will be his hero:  the best man there is; the strongest; the most handsome... Daddy will simply be the greatest!
     He will want to be with his daddy:  to learn to be just like him.  Daddy will probably get swamped with lots of artwork, from an adoring fan.  He will want his daddy's approval, and will most likely get it. :-)  
     When Daddy comes home from a long day at work, our son's joyful laughter will rejuvenate those sore muscles.  That hug around his neck, from his mini-me, will melt his heart... Every time.
     Our son will excitedly await Daddy's Bible time with us.  Daddy always does it best!  He can amazingly transport us to Bible times, with his wide array of voices and imagination.
     Our son will enjoy having Daddy sing to him.  His strong bass, and love for the Lord, make hymns and spiritual songs all that more potent.  He will probably join in with the singing, giving it all he has!
     Oh, how I cannot wait to see my beloved, holding our only begotten, in his strong arms.  Arms that are strong, yet can delicately hold a newborn.  Arms that lovingly embrace his wife.

Happy First Father's Day, Dear.  I love you!


  1. Renee, I just left you a comment, but now I'm not sure it took it :-/ Anyway, your love is greater than all the dirt and sweat in the world. It is a beautiful thing to behold! Happy Father's Day to your hard-working man! May God bless you both. I can't wait to 'meet' your new little one!! Get as much rest as possible but also good exercise in preparation for the birth. Have a blessed Lord's Day!

    1. Thank you, Jacque! I'll definitely take you up on your advice! Be blessed, lovely sister!


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