Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Judgment Seat Of Christ, And How We Can Prepare For It

Whew.  The other night was pretty powerful.  We sat, captivated, by what this man had to say...

Wages of sin

     When standing before God, will you be receiving rewards, or judgment?  This is the question posed to the audience.  Saved or lost, it makes you take stock of your position.
     Saved:  you re-evaluate your faith.  You start meditating upon your Salvation.  You get motivated to tell others about their most dangerous plight!

Jesus paid it all

     Lost:  do you squirm?  Do your hands have a cold sweat?  Do you get clammy?  Do you shirk off the religious mumbo-jumbo?  Do you flee to the One who can save you?
     Oh, how much we Christian ladies need to be revived!  Yes, we have a call as a help meet to our husbands.  Yet, if you are saved, we are ambassadors for Christ.  "What can I do, as a stay-at-home-wife/mother?"  That is a very good question!
     I know that, for a fact, we can pray...pray...pray...pray...and pray!  Think that you are wasting your time?  That is a lie from the devil.  God tells us to be constantly in prayer!  Whether you are cooking, cleaning, preparing for bed, running errands, have alone time...You can pray!
     You can smile at the grocery store clerk when purchasing your wares.  Do you realize that smiling is a lost art?  I cannot tell you the many times people have noticed and appreciated my simple smile!  When they ask why I am happy...I can tell them why:  "Because, my sins are gone!"
     We can minister to our friends and family.  We can listen.  Let them share their heart.  Then, be courageous to point them to truth.  Do not badger.  Yet, be firm, and consistent.  Do not think that telling them multiple times throughout their lives will annoy and be considered as nagging.  May they have to plow us over to get into Hell.
     We can be loving, yet consistent in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Consistency is key!  Yes, they will see us fail...Fall...SIN.  Yet, let them see Christ even in our shortcomings.  May they see how He picks us back up, to once again be on the right path.  May they see the relationship they wish they had with God!
     We can live different than the world!  Our homes should be quite the contrast than the rest of the world's homes.  When they come, and are uncomfortable, may their discomfort be due to being in the presence of God, not our bad attitudes.  May they be uncomfortable in the presence of an holy God, yet strangely drawn to such amazing love!
     Ladies, every thing we do in this life as a Christian, will be reckoned with Christ.  Will we receive reward?  Will everything be chaff:  to be burned with the wood, hay, and stubble?  Will we have to answer for our neglect or sinful dealings?  With every idle word and deed, every sinful thing, Christ will confront us.  We will not lose our relationship with Him, but we will be held to account.  We will suffer loss, or reap gain.
     We can support men who are evangelizing the world!  Whether it be the evangelist in a foreign country, or our husbands at the workplace, we can support them!  We can PRAY, we can cook, we can send financial support, encouraging letters, gifts, other things they need.  Many of these men have families, who could sure use some love.  Consistent love can energize a soul to continue, in the midst of a dark world.
     Ladies, we can do a lot.  We do not need to only depend upon our church to meet the needs of the church's supported missionaries.  There are so many others that we can individually help!  No matter how insignificant you think it is, every way we help is important!
     Do you honestly think Satan kicks back and does nothing for a while?  He is with whom we war.  He hates God, and God's people.  He has an entire world empire at his disposal.  Have you never experienced spiritual warfare?  Has it never debilitated you?
     Let us keep on guard!  Let the Word of the living God fill you.  Be in constant communication with Him.  Listen to what He has to say.  Stay safe under His care!  Listen to solid preaching and teaching, study His Word.  Let your conversations with others be as such that Christ would not walk away in discomfort or disgust.  Fill your minds and hearts with Him.  Will people think it strange?  Yes.  Both the lost and the carnal Christian will be uncomfortable.  Let them.  Truth sets free, not comfort.

Lead me in thy truth

     Let us be the support from the home front that our Christian soldiers need!  Though the men may be on the front lines, we can be keeping the camps.  If everyone was out on the field, who would be keeping everything stocked and guarded?  We can do those things!
     Who will nurse the injured?  Who will feed the hungry?  Who will encourage the weary?  Who will protect the supplies?  WE CAN!
     This is my earnest plea.  Women, we have to wake up!  We have to think of eternity!  There is a very real, very literal, very hot, burning Hell beneath our feet.  Many a loved one, a neighbor, is in there...right now.  Many today will be there tomorrow, or even tonight.
     We cannot allow our minds to be diverted from the reality.  God wants us to be seeking after the lost!  EVERY THING WE DO IS SO THAT THEY CAN BE REDEEMED!  The way we live, the way we think, what we say--all of it--witnesses to the world about Jesus Christ.  May we not become distracted in the doing, that we forget the "why."
     I am pleased when I am obedient to my Father.  I know it pleases Him.  I also know it shines His light in this world, that is oh so very dark.  Ladies, let us take pleasure in pleasing the Father, and being lights to a lost and dying world!
     Oh, I could go on and on.  Maybe another time I will.  I urge you to listen to the message.  It is lengthy, but listen anyway.  Let the preaching ignite your soul a'fire for God.

Don’t waste your life


Graced Simplicity


  1. I had a stomach bug for about 3 1/2 days, feeling better, Now been cleaning, esh these men did'nt clean for me rofl. Any ways I have been cleaning,getting ready for thanksgiving, it will be just us 3.Jacob got his braces off, hahaha you ought to hear him say simple simon LOL! He got them off today and into his retainer, he also got called into work so I will get him up there by 4,Oh next week I will hold another apron giveaway ;)
    Finally felt good enough to get Jacobs Birthday gift out of the way,he turns 17 Dec 6th.Kinda spruced up the kitchen/diningroom, I added some red things, I will take pics later today.Well I better get, I will write more when I get back.

  2. Oh, my! I indeed understand the woes of the housewife. :) When we are ill, or otherwise incapable of performing our duties, it seems as though the ship may sink! I'm glad to know you're feeling better, and getting busy. I look forward to what you have next!

  3. Dear Renee,
    I am looking for the return of Christ any day, but since I do not know the day or the time, I am just content to wait and know I am His! what a wonderful post full of gentle exhortation! Praise God!

    1. Thank you, Miss Jacque, for again leaving such an encouraging note! Yes, I, too, am waiting for my Lord to reappear. Thankful we're looking together!


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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