Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Happened To Reason, To Sanity, To Truth?

     Whatever happened to rightly dividing the word of truth?  Whatever happened to reading in context?  Whatever happened to true study? What ever happened to sound reason?
     I tell you, I am noticing a trend.  Reason is being thrown out the door, especially when it rubs against your personal grain.  There is also a lot of immaturity running rampant, because folks like entertainment and pleasure, more than they do being wise and mature.  Wisdom and maturity are not without their delights and pleasures, but they are by far accompanied with more sobriety.
     I have noticed, for a while (but definitely within the past few days), that folks like to take God's words out of context.  Things said to the nation of Israel, were for the nation of Israel.  Things said to Adam, Eve, Noah, the prophets, etc., were for them.  They are all for our learning, though!
     For example, most everyone would say it is wrong to murder, right?  Where did that morality derive?  Well, we see God setting an ordinance with Noah, after the flood, stating in Genesis 9:6 that, "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed:  for in the image of God made he man."  Even today, folks who murder, generally receive the death penalty.  It is innate;  just as is correcting one who has lied, especially when "under oath."  Folks are penalized for lying "under oath," as it is very serious to be honest.
     These moral values, as well as others, are programmed into each person.  Folks have to fight against, ignore, and compromise to rebel against God's program.  He does not force anyone to comply; we see that fact from the beginning.  Adam chose to sin.  God did not stop him.  He had already clearly stated the repercussions for non-compliance to His rules; but again, He did not create a robotic Adam.  When Adam sinned, or when we sin, it is our choice.
     Anyone in authority of any kind understands that they want folks to choose compliance to authority.  Parents want their children to choose to do right, and so they go about teaching them so to do.  So is the Creator.  He wants us to make the choice to obey righteousness, and eschew evil.
     All sin falls under the category of wrongdoing.  So, just admit it.  It is healthy, and mature, to own that whatever sin you are committing, is wrong.  Just do not sit there and say that "God made me this way," because He did not.  We see how He made people, and we also see what people have done, when reading the Bible. It is not God's fault that we, people, are defective.  That blame lies with our multiple-times-removed grandparents, Adam and Eve.
     God is so good, that He left us with His Word to tell us His desire.  Anything contrary is of Satan, who enticed Eve to err; thus, enticing Adam...Thus, installing a DEVASTATING VIRUS CALLED SIN into the human race.  How devastating it is, too!
     God is also so good, because He not only left us His Word to tell us His desire, but also made a way to be cleansed of said sin!  He offered Himself as the antidote, the solution, the antivirus, the redemption...However you want to word it, He is the answer!
     So, let us get this straight:  God created a perfect world, with two perfect people.  He gave them free will, so that they would not, nor could not, blame Him for forcing them to do anything.  He explained the rules, since He knew that Satan would be coming around to entice them into his camp of sin.  God did so out of love and protection.
     Adam and Eve disobeyed, thus bringing in sin and death to the world and the rest of people.  Yet, God promised a way to be fixed.  He promised a Saviour.  He promised to destroy Satan.
     God still interacts with humans.  He gives His Word, in written form, for all generations to view.  He continues being just with a decrepit people.
     God sends Jesus Christ, many years later.  Jesus Christ, being the only begotten Son of God and God all at the same time, lives a life with absolutely no sin committed, and none in Him.  Then, He gives Himself as the perfect sacrifice for sins:  for the whole world, for each individual.  Then, three days after His death, He rises from the grave, proving His power and divinity (once again).  Now, He is in Heaven with the Father, waiting to receive any who come to Him for salvation, and to return to the world for its final judgment.
     He is waiting, because He does not desire to see anyone perish.  Hmm.  Even though there are folks trying to call evil good and good evil, even though there are folks who want His help when they are scared, but could care less about Him any other time; and they definitely do not want to know Him, nor to follow His ways...He waits to return, desiring those same folks to see the truth, fall to their knees before Him in humility, thankfully receive His gift so that they do not receive the just payment for sins in the lake of fire, and give them a home with Him.
     So, you do not like folks saying this is wrong or that is wrong, because the Bible tells them so.  I understand about things being taken out of context. That is why is is so important to know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. Yet, the same folks who do not like others sharing God's truth, also like to share their own opinion of what is right or wrong. Hypocritical, no?
     It can be irritating. Their reasoning is unreasonable, and their logic illogical. Yet, many times these folks are blind. They cannot help themselves. That is the reason God came in the flesh in the first place! He saw their need, my need, your need, and became the solution. So, while folks proudly bash against God's love and truth, may we Christians keep living and speaking the truth in His love (which is not always comfortable to do, but true love cares more about others' needs above self's comfort).

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  1. Well said. I've also noticed the same trend as you have mentioned in this post. People are becoming more swayed by a "personal testimony" than by the Word of God. Of course, there is nothing wrong with testimonies, but that's not where one should place their faith.

    I'm glad that you shared this. These are the words of truth which people need to "hear" and read.



"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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