Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All Moved In, and A "Thank You" Give-Away!

     Oh, how nice it has been to be living in our new house!  It has been a very busy month for us:  moving all our things over from the apartment to the house (until the wee hours of the morning); moving into the new house with all the things to arrange and unpack, two weeks before my family was to arrive from Ohio to visit me for my 30th birthday; get into a new groove of how things can be done in a house, as opposed to an apartment; enjoy and entertain my folks once they arrived, then grieve when they left; and now, my husband started a 4-day preaching conference at our church regarding "The Last Adam."  Whew!
     Nevertheless, my blog and you all out there in the blogging world, have been on my mind.  I have anticipated getting back on here, with a bit of excitement and nervousness.  Excited to be back into the groove of writing, nervous that I may not have anything left to say!  My close friends and family would know the latter is nearly impossible...HA!
     I do hope to get pictures up of our new home.  We have the same things, with some recovered "new" items from some friends and family.  It is so nice to see how God worked out everything on our behalf with this new home.  We truly are blessed, and are ever thankful to Him!
     I am looking forward to trying out some new things on my blog, too.  Now that we have our new netbook, (a present to me from Miss M), I am going to be seeking to be more active, Lord-willing.  So, we shall see what the Lord allows!
     Now, since I did mention over on my Facebook page that once I came back on here that there would be a surprise, I guess I should go ahead and mention my surprise.  :)  By no credit to myself, I have been blessed to see over 100 people keeping tabs on this blog via my Facebook page!  God has been so kind as to allow me to minister to these folks, and in honour of that I would like to host a give-away to celebrate!
     So, would you like to know what I will be giving away?  I can hardly wait to tell you!  Here goes!

  • 2 Extravagant Luxury Homemade Soap Bar from Victorian Rose Soap Company  (Please click on the company's name to view the lovely soaps that they have to offer!)
  • 1 $16 Gift Certificate to Lilla Rose Hair Accessories, courtesy of Gail Harris:  (Below are some examples of items available to purchase with the gift certificate.  You may click on Gail's name to visit the store to see all that's available!) 


Bobby Pins

Hair Sticks
  • 2 Homemade Felted Wool Dryer Balls, courtesy of Rebekah Webster of A Stitch or Two:

  • 1 Homemade Crocheted Drink Cozy, courtesy of Rebekah Webster of A Stitch or Two:

  • 1 1-yr. Subscription to "Keepers At Home" magazine:  

     I am so excited to be hosting this give-away!  It will be running from today through midnight of next Saturday, July 7th.  Thank you to all who have kept up with my little corner of the world, and who keep doing so.  I am so blessed to have such great readers, who have become great friends over the years.  Blessings to all!



  1. Hey Renee! Glad to see you are back! Congratulations on your new home!


  2. Hi Renee! Your blog looks beautiful and you know I want to see photos as soon as you can! This is so exciting! Congrats on your new blessings and God be with your husband and his ministry work. This blog is quite a ministry in itself, so happy to have found you!

  3. Congrats on your new home. I like reading any articles about family and homeschooling anything real.

  4. carriescreativekitchenJune 27, 2012 at 11:43 PM

    I love to learn new things, be reminded of oldies but goodies, & also to just get to share time with you, my sis, in person or by web!

  5. i'd love to read about what works for you, i.e. managing a schedule, household stuff, works for your health, etc.

  6. Just found this blog. I love to read about homemaking and childrearing.


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