Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What To Choose?

Oh, the joys of shopping (especially when you enjoy the store)!

Some of my friends and family now know how much I enjoy Bulk Herb Store. There are many reasons I like this store, so let me count the ways:

1.) Since I'm *trying* to live a healthier lifestyle, it helps to have a go-to place for information. This site is packed with good information!

2.) I haven't found one thing with which I'm not interested--in fact, it's been difficult for me to stop adding to my "Wish-List" that one day I'm giving Dear. :)

3.) They are on YouTube, with fun videos regarding homemade concoctions for your health. I really enjoy the smoothie ones! Once I order the Herba-Smoothie Mix Kit, I'm gonna have some fun!

4.) Their site is so fun! The color-scheme is definitely appealing. (I like aesthetically-pleasing sites!)

5.) They're on FB, which consistently updates me and shares quality info. I really like this part, since I can be a FB junkie.

6.) There are some great resource books on their site, and since I greatly enjoy reading, this is a BIG plus!

7.) They're Christians! What a better testimony than the fact that they're excited and knowledgeable not only about health, but about Christ! (Check out No Greater Joy.)

So, if you're ever curious about health, presents for your loved one (ahem), or fun stuff for yourself, check them out over there!

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