Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Grace of My God

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Many times I get myself in a spot to where I am ever reminded of God's infinite grace, mercy, justice, and love. Usually those times occur when I've sinned against Him. Though those times bring me great sorrow, there is also a great Light on the other side.
     My Heavenly Father truly is patient and long-suffering. However, He also does not allow me to continue very long in sin(s). He does what He needs to do to bring me to repentance.
     Like Paul, in Romans 7, I find that when I want to do right, I am doing wrong. I also see that my only deliverance is in Jesus Christ. Amen for Him!
Today, after I struggled to even spend time with my Lord in the morning, (not getting around to Him until the afternoon), He had me read in Luke 4 today, which happened to coincide exactly to my situation today: temptations. I was reminded how Christ handled them, and how I should have handled the ones that came to me.
     I was properly chided by Christ, but also encouraged. I know He understands what it is like to be tempted of the devil, through the means of the flesh. He can empathize with me. However, He never tells me that it is "ok" to sin.
     He also took me to Proverbs 3 today. I call it the Wisdom chapter. In it, as in many of the proverbs, it reminds me where and to whom to seek wisdom. Christ reminded me that He is the sum of all wisdom, truth; and only by submitting myself to Him will I be wise, avoid sin(s), and glorify my Heavenly Father.
I appreciate that Christ takes care of me like He does. I wish I made it easier on Him, so to speak. I do not like being a rebellious, stubborn (most like to call this flaw strong-willed), daughter. I want to be a meek, gentle, happy, cheerful daughter that always submits to Him and puts a smile on His face.
     When I think of those desires I have, I know that they are His desires, too. He hates stubbornness, but loves submission. He hates rebellion, and loves meekness. He hates the fruit of the flesh, but loves the fruit of the Spirit.
     I know that while I am breathing, I have opportunities for change, as Miss Sarah Mae from Like A Warm Cup of Coffee wrote today (perfect timing, I might add). Thank you, dear, for writing that article--what a blessing it was to my soul!
     Oh, and after wasting so much time today sinning, God allowed me to redeem time. I was able, through Him, to get much accomplished. I also was refreshed in my soul from the reading of the Bible, prayer, and thanksgiving. How gracious indeed is my God!

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  1. He is gracious indeed! I love that we serve such a gracious redemptive God. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

    Be Blessed.


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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