Friday, July 24, 2009

Let Us Quit Ourselves Like Christians

  As I was reading 2 Chronicles 11-13 for part of my devotion this morning, my heart was pricked over one of Rehoboam's sins, primarily because I have seen that same sin in my life.

"And it came to pass, when Rehoboam had established the kingdom, and had strengthened himself, he forsook the law of the LORD, and all Israel with him."
2 Chronicles 12:1
      Later it also says of him,

  "And he did evil, because he prepared not his heart to seek the LORD."
2 Chronicles 12:14

  I immediately saw my selfish soul when I read those verses.  Many, many times had I been faithful to God when times were hard and He had allowed me to get to the end of myself.  However, once things started "looking up" and I was sailing smoother waters, I neglected that faithful love to my LORD.  Of course I was not alone, for other people (lost and saved) were watching my testimony; and, unless they were of stronger character, would follow suit.
  During the rougher patches in my life, when I finally gave up and let God have the control of my now yielded life, my faith seemed to soar!  I rarely had doubts of His abilities to do whatever He wanted to do, and I was more willing to accept His will, come what may.  My heart indeed was much more humble, because I realized that I was useless, but He could put me to use if I was in submission to Him.  These were the times that my walk seemed stronger.
  Yet when God allowed things to ease up, how fickle I became! I  honestly believe that God allows them only for a breather, as well as a good looking glass:  for in these times I see how utterly despicable I am, and that indeed in me dwelleth no good thing.  Lately, though, God has been giving me gentle reminders that during these "smoother" times we currently are blessed with, do not forget to stay humble to Him.
He has also been gently reminding me to prepare my heart to seek my LORD.  I know that I am not the best at this feat; my husband is much better at study, devotion, prayer, and service to God.  I am very weak in this area.  Yet, every time I do my devotions, God reminds me to not stop seeking His face, to not stop learning of Him, to not stop living as He would have me to live, and so on.   Oh boy, am I ever grateful for His tenderness!
So, I guess my question for you would be:  Are you forgetting God when times are going good?  Have you also been neglecting the preparation of your heart for Him?  Ladies, we simply will not be Christ's ladies if we neglect these things.  I have learned, through my unfortunate stubbornness, how ineffective and destructive I can be when I am unfaithful to God.  I really do not want to see any others tread the path I have trod!  TRUST ME, IT ISN'T WORTH IT!  It will be much better for your soul, and much sweeter to the heart, if God is your first love and King of your heart!
Do not forget Him or His commands when things are relatively calm and easy-going.  Do not stop preparing your heart for Him.  Do not stop loving Him with all your being.  It is a much ruder wake-up call to humility when He rips it away due to idolatry and rebellion in the heart.  It is a lot easier to gladly accept God's will, when He allows harder times to come when a heart has stayed faithful to Him; for, it knows His will is best.  Please, let us all strive not be be Rehoboamites, but Christians.

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