Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God's Testimony

     Well, I promised a friend of mine from church that I would write the testimony of my husband regarding how he received his current job, and I am finally getting around to doing it.  I will, of course, be writing of other things, but I will be focusing on getting out this testimony so that others may be blessed!
     Three years ago this coming December, my husband received his current, blessed, job.  This job is only twenty minutes from home, pays for all of our medical benefits, plus gives him sick/personal/holiday/vacation time:  all paid.  He is also on salaried pay, which was such a blessing; last month when he was only able to go into work two days in two weeks, he was able to get full pay.  Even better, he is able to be a witness for the Lord daily, and read his Bible, and  study Scripture, all while working.
     This job did not come to him because of his charismatic personality.  It was not because he begged and pleaded with them:  it was because the Lord gave it to him.  It was not until we both decided to yield ourselves to the Lord's will regarding his work that He gave us this blessing.
     Dear had been working at a place that was over an hour to get to each day.  He was spending nearly three hours or more on the road, just traveling to and from work.  He did not spend enough time with God, with church, or with me.  Then came the time to start looking for another job, because this one was not a permanent one.
     We had talked of moving back east to where my folks were, and were even looking online for houses out there.  Yet, that was not what the Lord wanted.  We started Bible Institute, and at the time only he was becoming more involved with soul-winning activities.  Finally, we realized that whatever job Dear was going to get, he wanted one that would:

  1. Give him more time with the Lord in the mornings, when he got home from work;
  2. Give him more time with me; 
  3. Give him more time for serving the Lord through church services/activities; and,
  4. Give him more opportunities to be a witness for the Lord.

     Well, shortly after praying about it and leaving it in the Lord's care, it was not too long that our brother-in-law called and asked if Dear was still looking for work.  A friend from their kingdom hall (Jehovah's Witnesses) was looking for a delivery driver for his plumbing supply company.  Dear gave it a shot: he went to meet his future boss, and within days was starting his new job!
     It did start with less pay, a two dollar cut to be exact.  However, that was just for the first ninety days, and I was still working.  Yet, we did feel the crunch.  Soon, though, they increased his pay a dollar, and put him on salary, as well as medical benefits after his first sixty days there for the both of us (with just us paying for mine).  He received all the other benefits mentioned earlier, too.
     After I finally left my job last April, it was hard.  We lost half of the income we were used to, but God has blessed our obedience to His command that women are to be "...keepers at home..." as seen in I Timothy. I became freer to help within church ministries, with friends and family, but our marriage has been so blessed the most (because my relationship with God and David was getting better!).  Recently through this obedience, we have seen God give Dear a raise in pay (in a sense) by the company now paying for my insurance as well as his!  It has been wonderful obeying God.
     It was not easy, though.  My stubborness and my pride kept getting, and still gets, in the way.  I wanted, and want, control.  Yet, God keeps reminding me to yield to Him, and that is the best blessing in the world. Sure, all these material things are wonderful, but the best feeling in the world I ever have is when I have been obedient to my Lord and Saviour:  from the heart.  He has been a wonderful Lord to love and serve, and am thankful for His love toward me; for, He helps me through it all.

"Through this world of toil and snares/If I falter, Lord who cares?/Who with me my burdens share/None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee./
Just a closer walk with Thee/Grant it Jesus, is my plea/Daily walking close to Thee/Let it be, dear Lord, let it be./"

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