Saturday, February 28, 2015

Above What We Can Ask Or Think

     Even though I missed keeping more up-to-date on my blog, I did enjoy the necessitated reprieve (had to wait on a replacement part for our computer).  During nearly a month's "staycation" from my blog, I have had time to focus on many things.  One of the chief occupants of my attention has been our child.
     There is so much I want for this child.   There is so much I want to do with our child.  So many thoughts and prayers have been filling my mind.
     I never thought that Dear and I would be in this place:  receiving a child.  I never thought that God would allow our lives to ease up, as it has, in the trials and tribulations.  There are still trials, but either God is holding back on their severity, or He is giving us the needed grace to endure them.  Either way, because of Christ, life seems a little more bearable.
     We have learned much in those trials and tribulations.  I do not know if we would have learned, otherwise.  Nevertheless, I am grateful for the bit of breathing room!
     With a bit of breathing room in place, I am able to focus more on our baby.  This child is a miracle.  Yes, people have children all the time.  Yet, try as we might, we never did, in the over ten years we have been married.  Not once.
     Then, here we are--with child.  What a thought!  I know it is a miracle.  Dear knows it is a miracle.  Those who have prayed with us through this journey, know it is a miracle.
     Knowing that my Heavenly Father delights in giving us this child, is more humbling than words allow.  That He is providing what we need in order to love this child, is awe-inspiring.  Being able to tell our story, of receiving this child, is priceless.
     Thank you, to all who have prayed with us for this child.  There are so many; and, maybe, many of whom I know not.  I especially think of "my kids," back in the Pacific Northwest.  Their prayers, oh, how they cause the tears to flow.  To think that God answered their prayers, and what it must do for their faith in Him...Makes me thankful for the years of waiting.  Makes it all so much sweeter.
     Thank you, to those who carried the burden of my empty womb with me.  Though they were blessed with children, they lovingly cried with me, hugged me, loved us through the grief.  Now, you all are rejoicing with us!  This child will know how much they were loved, before they were even in existence.
     Most of all, I thank my most precious Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ!  I would not be having this child, were it not for Him.  He is the one who has given us this gift!
     Oh, how I want our child to know Him.  How I want them to love Him more passionately, more knowledgeably, than we ever have.  How I want them to be stronger in their relationship with Him, than we ever were.
     How I want them to have more tender a heart than we, yet confident in Christ.  How I want them to be more gracious, more longsuffering, more loving, more steadfast, more...Than we can imagine.  I delight in thinking of them blossoming; the fruit of the Spirit blooming through them.  It does my heart well to think of the day when their beloved is introduced to them, drawn to them due to their strong relationship with Christ.
     I dream of the days and nights wherein I may pray for and with them:  where they will entrust their heart with us.  What a thought!  What a gift!  I dream of being able to somehow relate the wonders of Lord to them, and watching them finally *get* it.  I dream of the day-to-day life with them:  meals, errands, hugs, kisses, wiping away tears, and praying away fears.
     Oh, there are so many dreams.  Only the Lord knows the future.  I know I always dreamed of having a child; but, I never dreamed it this good!


  1. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! Children are a blessing:).

    1. Thank you for rejoicing with me, Meleah! We're happily anticipating this blessing!


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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