Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Thursday 7 #2

     Here I am, in week two of a new series I want to employ!  I hope you will consider joining me; as I can speak for myself:  it has encouraged me to have a more thankful spirit!  May you be blessed, as you think of 7 things, for which you can give thanks!

Here are my 7:

  1. The fresh air that is currently blowing through my house.
  2. The softness of autumn.  The summer was a more difficult one for us, but manageable.  We are thoroughly enjoying the pleasantries of autumn, though!
  3. My relationship with God.  I am so delighted at all the little things He's teaching me, in regards to Himself.  He's quite fascinating!
  4. Having a better morning schedule!  I know there have been folks praying for me, and with me, on this matter.  It is so encouraging to wake up at the appointed time, get much more accomplished, and truly see fruit bearing in my life!
  5. Watching my husband minister to his coworkers!  It is an humbling, exciting time in his life.  I'm honored I get to live alongside this man.
  6. Our brother in the Lord, whom I'll call "Brudder K."  He's such an encouragement to us!  We always enjoy our times of communication with him, as he lives far from us.  Such a blessing to us!
  7. Our sister in Christ, whom I'll call "Sissy K."  She and I have been blessed to help one another, for quite a while now.  She and I are like long-lost sisters.  Love her!
**Want to join?  Just share your post of 7 thanks, by linking in the box below.  Or, if you don't have a blog, just share your thanksgivings in the comments-section below!**

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