Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Prayer Day

     Mondays always seem, for me, rather difficult in getting going again.  Sundays are usually our busiest days.  We do not mind; but, Mondays do!
     This week I hope to get more accomplished than I did last week.  Little by little a routine seems to be getting established.  I enjoy waking up to pray to the Lord, sweep the floor, prune my plants, steep my tea, and then settle down for my morning Bible reading.  These little things are enormous blessings from Christ!
     I usually stop and meditate a lot on Monday mornings, to get my mind into gear.  I like to focus on something in my house, in my yard, or any thing in my life.  I find that my meditating on all the Lord has given me helps me realize how fully rich we are.
     It helps keep my focus right.  It helps get the week flow better.  When Wednesday comes and I am in a fuss because we have to leave and I did not make the time to prepare a meal for before prayer meeting, so we will have to eat on the go or wait 'til after we get home, God stops me to remember that:

  1. I have food.
  2. I have a stove.
  3. I have a microwave.
  4. I have a car.
  5. I have a house.
  6. I have a yard.
  7. I have a husband.
  8. I have Christ.
  9. I have clothes.
  10. I have shoes...
     Need the list go on?  Nope.  I settle, and realize that I am fussing over nothing important.
     Though Mondays seem to "putt..putt...putt..." along for me, they do produce more meditation than I do throughout the rest of the week.  They are more of my "resting days" than any day of the week, I guess.  Even if I need that extra spice chai tea with honey and milk in it to get me moving; even if I take a little more time observing the pile of laundry asking to be folded and put away properly; even if I stay in my house dress all day with my hair piled loosely upon my head...I thank God for Mondays!

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