Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting Centered

     I received my newest edition of "Keepers At Home" magazine.  I absolutely love being able to receive such godly, inspiring, lovely reading material.  I truly learn so much just by reading the different articles.
 This magazine aspires to equip God-fearing women with the knowledge in how to be keepers at home.  Being a help meet is a daunting task, without God's ability.  God has blessed many Christian women all over the world with this periodical, (though this magazine seems to only have U.S. subscribers):  so many articles, recipes, do-it-yourselfers, etc.  I plan on saving every edition I receive, and pray that as long as it is in God's will, I will continue subscribing to it.
     I hope to subscribe other ladies to it.  It would be so useful to so many, and such an encouragement to stay on the right path.  So, I will pray and discuss this with Dear!
     The same day I received my "Keepers At Home" magazine, I also received my February and March issues of "O Timothy."  Our initial February one never made it to us, so they sent us another copy, free of charge!  We absolutely love "O Timothy!"  Not only does it warn us of so many dangers prevalent in our world, especially our country, but encourages us to walk a pure walk with Christ.  It blesses my soul to be allowed such godly periodicals in my life!
     After reading some of each of these magazines, it flamed my soul's zeal to do some serious studying of God's Word.  I always put off doing major studies, due to my laziness.  Another reason is the fact that my flesh is not submitted to Christ's will, but He is working on that area!
     I want so much to be of use for God, especially in sharing His Word with other ladies, and children.  I know He has blessed me with the opportunity to teach a Sunday School class in my church, and I am ever humbled and thankful for that post.  Yet, I desire to do study lessons eventually, (all of course according to the will of my Lord).
     So, in order to even be able to be used in this desire of mine I must needs be prepared.  If I am not studying God's Word daily, eschewing this wicked world and sin, then I am not going to be of much use to anyone.  It is required that I be found faithful of the stewardship given me by God, and honestly I have not been faithful in this (and others) area.  Pray for me as I daily sacrifice myself to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to be used...need to be used by Him.

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"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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