Monday, August 31, 2009

Blessings From A Godly Marriage

Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am to God for answering my prayers long ago for a Christian husband?  Well, I am thanking Him again for those answered prayers!

I remember being eighteen years old and asking God to allow me to marry a man who would desire to follow after Him, have the same goals, and so forth.  Because of my backsliding, Dear and I married when he was lost and I horribly backslidden.  However, God brought me back from my erring ways, and in the process my husband got saved!  Now, it did not take that long, either.  From the time we were married to his salvation, was less than two years!
Ever since then, it gets better and better.  Sure, there are problems.  Yet, we know who to go to for the solutions. :)  I cannot imagine my life without him now, and I cannot imagine it without him being saved.
Well, I wrote all that to say that I am realizing how truly blessed I am by God.  It sure helps having a husband who is determined (by the grace of God) to hold to God's principles.  Many times I would, and have, compromised my walk; yet, with a man leading me who belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, strongly encourages me to stay faithful and not compromise.
Eve was the woman deceived, not Adam.  All too often I am deceived, or could be.  Many times I have acted before thinking; though, by God's good grace, He is teaching me to reverse that behaviour.  However, I would not have come as far, had not God put Dear in my life.  The zeal, knowledge, and love for God surely has helped my walk.
I am not saying Dear's perfect.  He is learning along the way, too, and it is not always easy following him.  But, God is molding our marriage to be as such as He wants it to be, and it starts with Dear.   He is the authority over me, and as such needs to be spiritually stronger than me (so to speak).  I am so glad that I am not the authority!
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for knowing better than me.  Thank You for changing this stubborn woman's will.  Thank You for teaching me humility, repentance, forgiveness, subjection, submission, attentiveness, selfLESSness, and so much more.  I know that many times I have failed You, by not obeying You.  Thank You for teaching me how wrong that is, and how wonderful it is to obey You.  Truly You are my richest blessing!  I love You, Lord.

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