Monday, December 29, 2008

A Sense of Urgency

     Well, I heard today that Israel and Hamas are fighting.  It gives me a sense of urgency.  There is not much time left to serve the Lord here on earth.  Inside, I am nervous, excited, concerned--all wrapped up in one.
     I am nervous for all the accounting I have to do, with regard to my service to Christ.  I am excited that it is getting all the more closer to actually meeting Him face-to-face.  I am deeply concerned for those who are still lost!
     I know that my service to the Lord is a Johnny-Come-Lately service.  I have not really started serving the Lord until He brought me out here.  Before that move, though I was saved at twelve (PRAISE THE LORD!), I was not living the way He would have had me live.  I struggled immensely, simply because I did not actively seek His will in my life, and I did not yield to Him in matters of holy living.  Oh, how I regret those irreplaceable years!
     I am excited to know, though, that I will be seeing my Lord!  I came to Him in faith and repentance that night, fourteen years ago.  I look forward to going to Him!  I was watching a large cloud pass over the field this afternoon, and wondering, (as I constantly do), if that was the cloud that was to carry my Lord to call me to Him.  I find myself musing those thoughts more and more these days.
     I am scared for those who will be left behind.  So many...So many!  I fear for those people.  I cannot even express the feelings I have about the thought:  scared does not even come close!  My whole body shudders to think of a soul going to the lake of fire!
     Whoever reads this blog, and is not sure that they belong to the Lord Jesus Christ--PLEASE, consider your destiny!  There is no time to wait!  Christ can come any moment, ANY MOMENT; and when He does, will you be going to Him?  If you are not sure, go to this link: How To Get To Heaven.  Do not take it lightly!

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