Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Love My New Blender!

     I love my new blender!  I absolutely do!  There is a valid reason for this excitement over a blender ( and not just because I am relatively a newlywed....):  my old one could not crush ice, therefore I could not make my blended mochas...Therefore I had to hammer or beat my ice which upset at least one apartment neighbor, (upsetting me, as well!)...So, I REALLY LOVE my "new" Kitchen Aid Blender.

Here is the story how I came across my beloved, ice-crushing dream machine: 

     I got fed up with my Hamilton Beach BlendMaster...I appreciated it, because it was free and did not have one yet.  However, I soon found out why it was free...It just was not the best for the job at hand.  Oh well. So, I prayed that the Lord would allow me to purchase a new blender; and, I had eyed one at Costco, which depending on the location, could cost anywhere from $60 and higher.  Well, I just do not have that kind of money to be throwing around on blenders, so I was going to have to settle for the non-ice-crushing thing.

     I had the grand idea to hammer my ice.  At first, no big deal.  We did not have a downstairs neighbor, so no problem.  However, we did get a new neighbor, and it was a problem for him.  I quickly apologized, which it turn he apologized for jumping the gun (he had very loudly banged on his ceiling, my floor--which he had every right to do).  Well, amends made, I turned to my husband for ice-crushing support.  He came up with some ideas, but ultimately the conclusion was no more blended mochas at home, 'til we got a new machine.

     I had pretty well stopped praying over a blender. Not that I did not want one, but there were more important things of which to pray.  So one Friday, I am out running my errands, and just as I was about to pass it, the thought came into my head to stop at the Senior Center thrift store.  I was wanting to find something to cheer up a friend, so I started browsing all the aisles.

     The store had recently reorganized and rearranged itself, so it was neat seeing what they had done.  As I was walking down the kitchen appliances aisle, my eye came to behold the blender the Lord had there waiting for me: my Kitchen Aid Ultra Power!
     Well, it was for ten dollars.  Normally, I do not like to spend that much money at a thrift store for one item...usually.  But, this was different.  This had all sorts of cool functions:  puree, chop, mix, et cetera.  It even came with a pulse button!  I immediately grabbed it off the shelf.  I was able to find some other items I had been needing, praise the LORD!  I spent a total of sixteen dollars and change, for a bag full of goodies, as well as my new blender!
     While I was looking for a picture of my new blender online to put on here, I found out the retail price of one of these beauties: one hundred and nineteen dollars.  That is a lot of moolah.  The Lord let me have one for ten dollars.  He did not have to let me have it.  He did not have to let me have it for ten dollars.  It humbles my heart to see these types of blessings, on top of the fact that He has saved my soul from Hell...
I am very thankful for this new blender!


  1. Praise the Lord for His provision! He is very good to us, isn't He?

    I have to disagree with one thing, though. A downstairs neighbor never has any right to bang on their ceiling at you! (I say this with the experience of being banged-at behind me.) I can't help but feel that there is always a better way to handle things. Just my own personal pet peeve, LOL. :)I'm glad he apologized. Ours always denied doing the banging ...

  2. Yes, I agree--but the Lord was gracious to me by providing a quieter one!


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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