Thursday, August 27, 2015

Have You Missed Me?

I am alive, I promise!  (How else would this post be published?) ;-)

     I have been a bit busier these days.  Those who are well-acquainted with me, know the reason why.  I very much look forward to sharing, in more detail, the glorious reason why:  our Li'l Man!  He arrived, nearly a month ago, praise God!  

     Therefore, my life's schedule has completely been rearranged.  I am getting this moment to type, because Li'l Man is currently being adored by Dear, a.k.a. Daddy.  They seem to get along quite well. :-D

     I do plan on sharing our story:  the pregnancy, the labor, the delivery, and all the way up to now.  I do not know how or when it will all be published; but, it will...By God's grace!  Until then...

     ...I do have another post in the works, scheduled for next week.  This one, for my book lovers, will be a delight!  Stay tuned!

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