Thursday, May 20, 2010


     Oh, how the Lord reminds me of who I am!  Pride shows my lack of obedience in submitting myself to the Lord;  for, if I were submissive to Him, I would not only be humble before Him but to all others as well.  How I hate pride!
     We, the choir, recently sung a song called "Follow Me," last Sunday morning.  Part of the song talks about how a Christian gets puffed-up, a.k.a. proud, over their "spirituality."  God reminds them that they are not as "spiritual" as they think.
     Oftentimes I think I am immune to that kind of thinking.  I mean, who ever wants to become like the Pharisees?  Well, today, amongst others, I realized that I am not immune to that sin.  I fell into that trap just as easily as anyone else would.
     Thankfully, the Lord rebuked me, gently.  Boy, I always need to be on guard!  I know that is a very obvious truth, but it sure is easy to get caught up in every day affairs and keep my guard down.  That is just what Satan is looking for, and God reminded me of that fact.  I hope that the rest of this day will go better, and that I will glorify the Lord with it rather than this flesh.  By His grace, I know I will!
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