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Why I STOPPED Covering My Hair

Free E-book on my personal study.  Just click on the picture, and it will take you to the site where you can read it online.  You can also download it for free, from that site.  May it bless you!

 For my readers who desire to purchase a printed copy of the book I recently reviewed, (you can read the review here), here is my code that you can use to receive $4 off the purchase price:


     For my readers who would like to download a free copy for their Kindle or other e-reader, here is that link:

Go to the "Download E-book" section of the page, and follow instructions for download.

(P.S.  The review I have given for this book is my own honest opinion, and without profit.  Also, I receive NO financial benefit from folks purchasing books using my code.)


  1. I have been practicing head covering for a few years now. I even wrote about it on my blog but your ebook gave reasons for head covering that I never thought of, and was much more eloquent than I. Thank you for the additional insights. Love your writing.

    1. Melissa, thank you for your kind words. All glory goes to God, though! Blessings to you!


"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

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